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Full range of insurance solutions

Insurance when you need it, as you need it.

Discover the extensive range of insurance solutions designed to protect you from every possible risk. Work with our team of experienced brokers to design the combination that meets your needs, relieving you of unnecessary stress and allowing you to focus on what helps you grow.

Remain assured that your assets and your loved ones are safe.

Car Insurance

Setbacks are part of the game. The question is how quickly and effectively we can deal with them. With our comprehensive coverage in Car Insurance, you ensure carefree journeys without unnecessary obstacles. Start driving with us, safely.

Life & Health Insurance

Life is a beautiful journey, and we have the right to enjoy it without unnecessary stress. Collaborating with Insurance Beat is the first step towards a bright and dynamic future. Life & Health insurance programs offer comprehensive solutions with products based on your real needs and create the conditions for personal and professional development. "Unlock" the best version of your future with us!

Property Insurance

Your wealth is more than just the sum of lifeless objects. It's the result of your work and the time you've invested, your efforts and what you've achieved. Who doesn't need to protect their property? To secure it against known, unknown, predictable, or unpredictable risks? At IB, we build a firewall around the movable and immovable assets you consider valuable, for you to enjoy them for life. Ensuring professional assets that secure income and thus the survival of a business is extremely important. Insurance against natural disasters, the consequences of climate change, and accidents is essential for the survival of any business. Did you know that in Greece, a country with significant seismic activity, frequent catastrophic forest fires, and floods, only 1 in 6 homes is insured, while only 1 in 3 businesses have adequate insurance?

Liability Insurance

From the start of its operation, every business undertakes responsibilities towards its customers, employees, the State, and the environment. Unforeseen factors can at any time endanger even the most reliable boat. Insurance Beat is here to cover you against claims for bodily injury, property damage, or any other risk, ensuring the protection of your assets and your reputation.

Marine Insurance

Shipowners, cargo owners, as well as leisure boat owners, embark on maritime adventure knowing full well that it carries inherent risks. With our comprehensive coverage, your interests and those of your partners remain protected even in the most unexpected storms. Marine Insurance with IB offers security, confidence, and smooth sailing!

Legal Protection

Legal protection insurance provides coverage for legal expenses related to various everyday incidents, including accidents, injuries and damages, at home, at work, or even in connection with services and purchases. It is offered as additional cover alongside car and home insurance policies.

Roadside Assistance

With IB's Roadside Assistance service, you are free to explore the world! Enjoy small outings or long trips in Greece or abroad without restrictions. Why? Because we offer immediate assistance in emergencies such as running out of battery, flat tire, losing your keys, encountering any breakdown, needing towing to a repair shop, or even running out of fuel. Roadside Assistance is offered as addition to car insurance.

Personal Accident

Accidents are unpredictable and can turn our lives upside down, having a direct impact on our families as well. It is important to be able to face such "bad moments" by securing our health and income in advance. Insurance Beat offers plans covering immediate medical assistance, medical expenses, and hospitalization expenses, as well as protection from work incapacity.


We invest to grow and insure to protect. Insurance investment plans combine savings, protection of savings (through life and loss of income insurance), and potflolio diversification investment (minimizing investment risk as much as possible). Our Insurance Beat associate is ready to answer all your questions.

Travel Insurance

Set sail for your next adventure with Insurance Beat's Travel Insurance. Whether you're planning a relaxing getaway or an adrenaline-pumping expedition, our comprehensive coverage has you covered every step of the way. From trip cancellations to medical emergencies abroad, our comprehensive protection ensures every kilometer you travel. So, pack your bags and leave your worries behind – with Insurance Beat, your travels are in safe hands.

Customer Service

Excellent service is a key foundation of trust between customers, partners, and business. We are here to immediately solve your problems, monitor your cases, listen, support you, and live up to your high expectations. Trust us, and we will provide you with the services you deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Tel: 210 93 76 000

Email: [email protected]

ISSUANCE DEPARTMENT (MON. – FRI. 08:30-20:00 & SAT. 10:00-14:00)


Tel: 210 93 76020

Email: [email protected]

COLLECTION DEPARTMENT (MON. – FRI. 08:30-20:00 & SAT. 10:00-14:00)

Tel: 210 93 76030

Email: [email protected]


Tel: 210 93 76040

Email: [email protected]


Tel: 210 93 76090

Email: [email protected]


Tel: 210 93 76023

Email: [email protected] 


Tel: 210 93 76010

EMERGENCY: 694 29 91364

Email: [email protected]

The start time of insurance coverage is the time of issue. The start time for the renewals will be 00:00, if there is no insurance gap. Regardless of the start time, the end time is 23:59. The duration of the insurance (start and end time) is indicated in the insurance contract.
Our partner will remind you via SMS or email that your contract is expiring. Renewal applications are automatically generated in the system and are available through affiliate insurance agencies Don't forget to renew your contract at least one day before it expires to avoid leaving a gap in your coverage.

Either directly via email at [email protected], or through a partner. In case you want to cancel your contract, you will send us, depending on the case:

  •  Transfer documents in case of a sale
  • Certificate of Immobility
  • Confirmation of permanent deletion.
  • Copy of new insurance contract in the case of insurance with another company

Pricing is done from each company based on the risk factors that each company has assessed as key. Common factors that affect the cost of the insurance contract are:

  • Driver’s age
  • Vehicle use
  • Vehicle specifications (horsepower, value, year of manufacture etc)
  • Damage history
  • Way of payment
  • The region that the vehicle commonly moves.
To receive this document, either you or our partner who serves you has to send us an email at [email protected]. In a few moments we will have sent it!

The Green Card certifies that the driver of a vehicle traveling in a foreign country has at least third-party liability insurance coverage valid in the country visited.

It is provided free of charge, and expires one day before the contract's expiration date.

If an International Insurance Certificate has been issued and there is a change of registration number or in usage, you should contact the Automobile Department ([email protected]) to issue a new Certificate.

For Heavy Vehicles, there is a limitation, depending on the insurance period of the contract that you have selected.

  •  In a three-month contract, you can call once.
  • In a six-month contract, you are entitled to two service requests.
  • In an annual contract, you can be served up to three times.

 For roadside assistance with the "Hermes" program, there is no limitation as long as the incident does not involve self-inflicted damage.

Case 1: Via Friendly Settlement (Direct Payment System):

  •  Receipt of accident care declaration and submission to the insurance company
  • Opening of Damage File
  • Inquiry to the responsible insurer if there is a positive declaration from the insured
  • Appointment with an expert for damage cost estimate
  • Upon the acceptance of the liability of the at-fault insured, the following supporting documents are sent to the email address: [email protected]:
    • Vehicle registration ,
    • Beneficiary’s IBAN,
    • Owner’s ID and Invoices.

After the final approval, the amount is deposited into the beneficiary's account. If the repair has been undertaken by an authorized repair shop, all is needed is the signature of the assignment of the claim on your part to the repair shop. All the aforementioned process of sending the supporting documents after the repair and delivery of the vehicle to you will be carried out by the workshop which will also receive the compensation.

Case 2: Damages without Friendly Settlement :

In case that the insurance company of the at fault vehicle doesn’t participate in the “friendly settlement”, all communication regarding the settlement and payment of compensation should be made directly with the at-fault vehicle’s insurance company.

Case 3: Optional risks (e.g., Broken glass, fire, acts of terrorism, self-indicted damage, malicious acts, partial or total theft, natural disasters):


As long as the incident is declared to the company, and after that the damage has been inspected by an expert, you can fix your vehicle.


All the required documents as stated in the insurance conditions, must be submitted to the company, together with:

  •  License,
  •  Beneficiary’s IBAN,
  •  Owner’s ID and Invoices.

After the final approval, the amount is deposited into the beneficiary’s account. If the repair has been undertaken by an authorized by our company repair shop, all is needed is that you sign the claim assignment to the repair shop, and all the aforementioned process will be carried out by the repair shop that will receive the compensation.

First, take a deep breath and. calm down. The Insurance Beat team is by your side every step of the way.

Since you will have already called the traffic police you can call us at the 24-hour call center: +30 210 94 100 10 & 6981209979.

We understand that emergency events can happen at any time, therefore we provide our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you contact us you will be directed to a member of our team without having to reach out to external partner.

Our trained associates will guide you through the process, ensuring that we get all the necessary information to form a complete picture of the incident.

Accident Care will be dispatched immediately, to complete the recording of the incident. After that, all the photographic material of the accident will be sent to the Claims Department.

In the event of your vehicle is immobilized, Roadside Assistance will transport it to a repair shop of your choice or to a partner repair shop – with your consent -, which will undertake the repair procedure. 

Damage declaration

Naturally, you can declare the damage over the phone. The file is opened in 3 business days and is assigned to claims adjuster to proceed with the compensation process.

Choose your vehicle repair shop

Either our partner or the claims department representative will contact you to help you select a repair shop to fix your vehicle. We work with many reliable repair shops to ensure that your vehicle will be repaired at no cost to you, as we handle the claim directly.

Why choose an authorized workshop?

If you are not responsible for the accident or if the incident is covered by the optional coverages of the insurance policy (e.g., partial theft, broken glass, in addition to the damages), the repair shop will handle the entire repair and compensation process on your behalf, without the contract’s waiver applying.

If you are liable for the damage and need to cover the repair costs yourself, choosing one of our affiliated repair shops will benefit you. Our partnership with these repair shops ensures reduced labor and parts charges, helping you minimize the overall cost.

You can see the Insurance Beat authorized repair shops list here.

Of course, you are not limited to the repair shops of this list. You can choose the repair shop of your choice. Regardless of your choice, we will proceed with the compensation process promptly.

Once the liability of the accident is determined an expert (list here) will evaluate the damage. With his or hers approval for the needed repairs and the compensation amount, you can proceed with the repair of your vehicle.

Necessary documents for the compensation completion

If you have contacted an authorized repair shop, you don’t need to take any further action, as communications will be handled between us and the repair shop.

In case you have not contacted an authorized repair shop, we will request you to send us the following documents at [email protected]:

  •  Vehicle registration
  •  Beneficiary’s ID
  •  Invoices

Additional Documents

For specific damages, depending on their type, it is possible for us to ask for:

  • Events log copy from the Police (Complete & partial theft, Terrorist actions & Riots)
  • Events log copy from the Fire Department (Fire)
  • National Meteorological Service’s Certification (Natural Disasters)
  • Events log copy from the Traffic Police