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Insurance Programs

The world's first health insurance was provided in 1929 in Dallas, USA.
Citizens could pay 50 cents at their local clinic, and if the time came to have children, they did not have to pay anything!
Did you know that motor insurance is as old as the first car ever released globally?
Property insurance has been offered in almost all countries since the beginning of the previous century!
By "civil liability", we mean liability to third parties.
Legal Protection
It is usually offered as an additional coverage to motor and property insurance.
Marine Insurance
Drive carefree short or long routes, in Greece or abroad.
Roadside assistance
Drive carefree short or long routes, in Greece or abroad.
Personal Accident
It is essential to deal with the "bad timing" by securing our health and income.
We invest to grow and insure to protect.

Frequent Questions

How can I contact you?
  • Calling us at 210 93 76000 (charge based on each provider)
  • Via email at [email protected]
  • At our headquarters, at 171 Andrea Syggrou Avenue, 17121, Nea Smyrni
When does the insurance coverage start, and when does it end?

In order for your insurance to take effect, you must have paid the first instalment premium or the total premium, depending on the frequency of payment you have chosen. The duration of the insurance (start and end time and time) is stated in the insurance policy. The insurance can be renewed with the same or other terms and coverages, provided that the premium for the next period is paid within the specified payment date.

What is the Immediate Payment System?

It is an agreement between insurance companies, which applies, under certain conditions, to compensation for vehicle accidents. It is a way of compensating and managing the material damages and small bodily injuries, which is mainly achieved by speed and reduction of court disputes. Specifically, with the 'Immediate Payment System (IMP), the one who is not to blame or to the extent that he is not to blame for the accident is compensated by his own insurance company, provided that the following conditions are met:

  • The insurance companies of the vehicles involved participate in the Immediate Payment System.
  • Compensation for material damages does not exceed the amount of € 6,500 per accident and for any bodily injuries, € 30,000 for each accident in total, with a maximum of € 12,000 per person. In case of an accident with a collision of more than two vehicles, the current limit of material damage is applied per settlement between the respective two vehicles.